The happy, youthful voiceover delivered on time and within budget!



LAURA SCHREIBER IS A FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL VOICE ACTRESS… whose happy, youthful voice can be heard doing commercial, character, narration, and promo work.

Laura was born talking and hasn’t stopped since. In preschool, she won the “Miss Explain In Detail” award, and always has time to talk to family and friends alike. Laura’s verbal skills took her far. Whether it was her success on the debate team or presentations to the board of trustees in college, Laura has always been at ease with public speaking. As a teacher, Laura was very passionate about both her discipline and drawing her students in with her lively and engaging dialogue. Now, with great enthusiasm, Laura uses all of these skills to provide a broad range of services to her voiceover clients. Because of Laura’s extremely friendly and approachable demeanor, you will find that it is a pleasure to work with her.

Laura is a versatile talent. Among other things, she can sing music from “The Little Mermaid,” read nursery rhymes in French, and quickly switch genres from conversational commercial read to endearing characters. Her sound is youthful and energetic.Laura is so lively that she sounds like a burst of bubbly sunshine. Laura’s voice showcases joyful innocence and is relatable and fun – the perfect blend of sweet and sassy!

Check out Laura’s client list below to get an idea of just how busy she has been. Whether it is a touching and emotional read like Laura’s narration for the Genesis Women’s shelter, or a super cheerful narration of a Bosch Cooking Video, Laura’s voice is relatable and warm. Laura sounds like the girl-next door who you have always known. Laura amps up the drama in her video games, like soon to be released Highrisers and a new Libii Mermaid Party game.  Even in her character work you can still hear Laura’s signature sparkle. Only Laura could switch from narrating a profoundly moving video to playing a 10 year old girl in a YMCA camp commercial without missing a beat.  Laura is a professional member of WoVO and a member of the Children’s Media Association.

Genesis Women's Shelter
Buell Children's museum
No Running
Story Tellers
Narration of Dinner Roll Recipes
Carrot Cupcake Recipe
Discussing Throat Health Issues
Choosing a Microphone
Selecting a Coach
YMCA Summer Camp
Grandin Road
Pandora Radio
Pandora Jewelry
360 Tampa Bay Fishing Charters
Heartland Community Church
Replica Fragrance
Shoot the Moon
Well Pet
NorthWestern Medical Center
One Sky
The Lobster Roll
Honey Smoked Fish COmpany
Selective Insurance
Buell Children’s Museum
Sherman Arts Fest
Genesis Women’s Shelter
Ashley Furniture
Myra’s Elearning
Turks and Caicos National Trust
Tradewinds Radio
Video Games/Mobile Apps
Pet Beach Party 2
Jenn App
Libii Games- Mermaid Party 2
Highrisers- I voice Jes
Line2 App
Documentary Credit
“No Running”
And more….