Tours: Cities, Museums, Real Estate, and More

Tours: Museums, Cities, Real Estate, and More

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Laura is passionate about audio narration for tours including  museum tours, historic sites, and city tours. Perhaps it’s because she spent her spare time in her university years exploring New Your City’s Museum Mile and feels quite at home at the Frick Collection and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so this genre happens to be a specific area of interest for Laura. Laura has also worked with such client’s as to do tours of major cities across the country for people and their dogs. Whether you need the testimonial of a person living in the time period, the voice of a knowledgable friend, the authoritative warmth of a guide giving directions, Laura works hard to bring the unique and distinctive character’s the essential nuance your guides need. From passion and disdain of a character to a warm, professional testimonial, Laura works hard to bring transport the listener to another place when she is the tour narrator.

The first voice potential clients, new employees, students, and their families hear when they enter your office or campus matters, a lot! Often business owners need narrators for tour guides who visit their office, factory, school, college, or university. Laura’s professional, gracious voice of hospitality is the perfect voice to welcome your guests and help them acclimate. Depending on the nature of your business or school, Laura can work with you to customize the tone and pace of your tour. Laura will highlight the key details of your venue, and make sure pertinent information stands out.

As much as Laura loves going to museums, she also loves snuggling up in her pjs and watching hours of HGTV. Why does this matter? Well if you need Laura to narrate a tour of your home, she is ready! Whether it is for a commercial property or a a residential one, Laura is eager to give a distinctive and appropriate sound to your next real estate video! Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtor’s 2019 Annual Report, 93% of home buyers shop online for their house? Google Searches for Real Estate have grown 253% in 4 years. 77% of time buyers will drive buy house if they see it online and and 52% visit a house online for a tour before visiting in person. 98% of Millennials shop for houses online In a time when many realtors use social media to promote their listings, 97% of realtor’s who used social media used Facebook, and 59% used LinkedIn.  If you are a realtor and need a video produced from start to finish, Laura can help with that as well!  Laura works with an amazing video production team who has drones and can service  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. A sample we did together is below.

Laura loves doing tours and is eager to help with your next one!

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