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Laura Schreiber: The Natural, Conversational, Happy Voice

Laura is a full-time, professional voiceover actress and her authentic passion and years of experience shine through in her warm and sincere voice. Whether you need Laura for tv, internet, radio, imaging, E-learning or telephony, Laura will take your direction and run with it. Laura can sound like a charming teenager or a hip-young mom, and working with her feels like you’ve cast that cute and super fun girl-next-door whom you’ve always known.

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Laura Commercial Video Compilation
Narration Compilation
Fast Play Progressive
WWII Foundation Animation
Anytime Fitness Commercial
Bristol Speedway in Lights 2019
Shiny Penny
Laura Schreiber Meito Bubble
No Running
Story Tellers
Cleanyst Kickstarter Video
2948 River Rd Real Estate Narration
Mermaid Game
YMCA Summer Camp
Genesis Women's Shelter
Narration of Dinner Roll Recipes
Buell Children's museum
Carrot Cupcake Recipe
IRDC Commercial X 3


LAURA SCHREIBER IS A FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL VOICE ACTRESS… whose happy, youthful voice can be heard doing commercial, character, narration, and promo work.

Laura was born talking and hasn’t stopped since. In preschool, she won the “Miss Explain In Detail” award, and always has time to talk to family and friends alike. Laura’s verbal skills took her far. Whether it was her success on the debate team or presentations to the board of trustees in college, Laura has always been at ease with public speaking. As a teacher, Laura was very passionate about both her discipline and drawing her students in with her lively and engaging dialogue. Now, with great enthusiasm, Laura uses all of these skills to provide a broad range of services to her voiceover clients. Because of Laura’s extremely friendly and approachable demeanor, you will find that it is a pleasure to work with her.

Laura is a versatile talent. Among other things, she can sing music from “The Little Mermaid,” read nursery rhymes in French, and quickly switch genres from conversational commercial read to endearing characters. Her sound is youthful and energetic.Laura is so lively that she sounds like a burst of bubbly sunshine. Laura’s voice showcases joyful innocence and is relatable and fun – the perfect blend of sweet and sassy!

Check out Laura’s client list below to get an idea of just how busy she has been. Whether it is a touching and emotional read like Laura’s narration for the Genesis Women’s shelter, or a super cheerful narration of a Bosch Cooking Video, Laura’s voice is relatable and warm. Laura sounds like the girl-next door who you have always known. Laura amps up the drama in her video games, like soon to be released Highrisers and a new Libii Mermaid Party game.  Even in her character work you can still hear Laura’s signature sparkle. Only Laura could switch from narrating a profoundly moving video to playing a 10 year old girl in a YMCA camp commercial without missing a beat.  Laura is a professional member of WoVO and a member of the Children’s Media Association.

Laura Schreiber Avatar with Violet and Daisy

Supplementary Voiceover Services

Voiceover is Laura’s passion, but sometimes you need more than just the right professional voice. In addition to voiceover, Laura provides the following supplementary services to make your project complete:

Copy Writing 
Adding music
Adding sound effects
Casting multiple voice projects
Casting voice over in various languages
Producing (commercials, phone services, audiobooks)
Audio Editing

Laura’s Studio Includes:

  • Source Connect
  • Custom Recording Booth
  • Neumann TLM 103
  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Thunderbolt
  • MacBook Air with
    Twisted Wave and
    Adobe Audition



Absolutely fantastic to work with, Laura is incredibly professional and efficient. Thank you Laura!
Alice Isaac
Laura - it is adorable. You did a wonderful job - exactly what I was hoping for!
Ann Reilly Zarat
Powers Media
"...A sparkling ray of sunshine and talent, bursting with feel good energy that is undeniably contagious and bound to leave you with a smile on your face. All you need is a little Laura to make your project shine!"
Anne Ganguzza
Laura Schreiber did a tremendous job for us, and tailored her voice-over perfectly for our project. She was very professional and incredibly accommodating. We would love to work with her again!!
Chayala Ackerman
On Time Productions
I've used Laura for a number of projects, and she is always a consummate professional. I love her dedication, timeliness, and pure talent. She's always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to our next project together.
Christian Vieira
Christian Vieira Productions
Laura is not only gifted with her voice, she is reliable, professional and has fantastic audio quality. All of these things make the decision easy for me when I am in need of voices for the next job. Laura is someone I will reach out to over and over again.
Dana Rizzo
"Laura has both talent and a dedicated work ethic when it comes to voice over work, plus she is a joy to work with. You should really listen to her VO demo, as you may need to look no further for your project. Two thumbs up!"
David Rosenthal
"Very easy to work with. Great customer service!”
Digital Sound and Video
“Super fast turnaround, so receptive and professional.”
Eric Vitale
“Bright, sparkling, versatile, talented and creative. And those are just a few of the things I can say about Laura Schreiber. She’s an absolute delight to work with. She understands direction, and surprises me at every turn. Cast her in your next project, and you’ll undoubtedly be delighted!”
Fred Frees
Laura is not only quick, but efficient! She delivered exactly as I needed it, perfect tone and pace for my project and required no re-takes. Fantastic!
Jennifer Dow
10 out of 10. Fast turn around time, professional service.
Kristin Pelletier
“10 out of 10.” "Great talent, fast turn-around, quality recording!”
Lawnie Shea
Video Productions
“Love Em! The Coastal Business Spots are FAB!!! LOVE your delivery! Thanks, Laura!”
Lynne Haley
On Hold Media Group
Laura is a great VO talent. I stumbled upon her once for a VO job and have kept in contact with her since and hired her for other jobs. She is professional, has a unique sound and always responds promptly. Lots of range with a new, fresh, bright vibe. She is a great go to for lots of applications.
Phil Smith
Laughlin Constable
Laura is one of the talents I cherish working with. She is very kind and professional, and has a voice to match!
Philippe Catrice
Director at Vox Made
Her read was spot on! Great talent, easy to work with and extremely efficient. Needed a one day turnaround and she happily obliged. Would highly recommend using Laura.
Richard Granberry of Motion Masters said
Thanks so much. You're a true pro and a pleasure to work with.
Ron Reis
It was an absolute pleasure working with Laura. Leading up to the recording session, she was organized, responsive, and accommodating. During the session, she brought great energy, took direction well, and delivered the audio files a few minutes after we hung up the phone. I would recommend Laura to anyone looking for a professional and talented voice actor.
Sam Medler

We needed a new telephone greeting and voice prompts recorded quickly at SOMA Skin & Laser, and Laura came through 100%. From a quick response to my inquiry, to a sample reel, Laura was professional. Her recording was perfect and really captured just the right tone we wanted for the office, on time and on budget. We fully recommend Laura Schreiber Voice for any voice recording needs.

Dr. Michael Ehrenreich
Very fast results! We got the Audio Samples earlier than expected and everything went fine! Would totally hire her again!”
Victor Rafael
“Laura has been great to work with!”
“Laura did a great job reading her script and we will use her again.”
There’s just not enough space in this black dialogue box to tell you how amazing, professional and pleasant working with Laura Schreiber is.
Zach Gilltrap


Laura answers every correspondence with a smile and a prompt reply. In addition to RUSH jobs and quick turnarounds, guided sessions are available and Laura works hard to make every project perfect. Do not hesitated to call or email anytime:)