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Why use a professional female voice talent and not Susie from HR who has a nice voice? Within every budget, you want people to be engaged in your content. You want them to listen, really listen.

Since the narration that Laura does often replaces in person training, Laura takes the responsibility to engage her audience seriously. Laura has the training and the years of voiceover expertise to work with the content in terms of tone, style, and pacing. Laura also happens to have two Ivy League degrees and a background in education. Does Susie in HR have that? Unlikely.

Laura’s millennial, conversational vocal sense is just what you need to add interest to your next E-learning module. Whether you are training employees and you need a friendly, bright, and welcoming sound or you are looking for a relatable young mom or trustworthy educator, Laura can identify what role she is playing and support your content with consistently.

Laura often uses a competent, professional tone when doing work for such well-known brands as Ace Hardware, PSE&G, and Walmart to name a few. Often companies want the sound of familiarity, like one colleague is talking to another, and Laura brings that out in her reads. In her work for companies like Commerze Bank and Robert Crown, sometimes Laura is playing a specific role and she brings that character to life in her training module. Laura’s extensive eLearning roster is evidence both of her level of skill as a professional narrator and of how pleasant she is to work with. 

Even in a scientific, medical read, Laura’s extensive educational background and two degrees from Columbia University makes her well prepared for even the most complicated copy. From corporate and professional to youthful and upbeat, Laura will bring your next E-learning module to life.
Whether her client is a known household brand or an independent instructional designer working on a small project, Laura puts her heart into every single project to make them all perfect. Listen to her samples and request a quote today.

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