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      Whole Foods Demo

Some people are board when they are on hold, but that’s just because they haven’t heard one of Laura Schreiber’s messages yet. Laura LOVES her telephony work so much and her passion for the genre comes through in each message. When you choose Laura’s voice for your next IVR or Telephony project, the first thing your clients will hear is the warmth of her signature welcoming sound.

From small businesses to international companies, Laura works hard to convey your message and your goals. Laura has had the opportunity to voice On-hold messages for such companies as Whole Foods and for small independent furniture stores alike, but she takes the opportunity to voice an outbound marketing campaign very seriously and works hard to find the right tone and feel for each and every project.

Laura understands your needs and whether the sound you want is professional and educated or hip and savvy, Laura’s polished and reassuring tone is just the voice that you need to build lasting customer relationships and keep them coming back. From doctors and dentists to corporate offices, Laura has met the demands of them all and takes the direction to create the specific feel they are after. Laura will help you craft the greeting that you want so that your inbound, outbound, and on-hold message work seamlessly with your vision of your company.

Laura voices all telephone related serviced also including IVR prompts, phone prompts, voicemail, and phone tree systems. Whether you need Laura to be the voice of Christmas cheer or the sophisticated and savvy woman they can trust, Laura can meet your needs. Listen to her demos and ask for an audition read to day.

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