Female Political Voice Over: Always Blue

      Democratic Demo

Laura understands the nuances of the political voice over read. Whether you are looking for positive and warm, tough and heroic, motivational, negative, or that really hard negative, Laura knows how to bring a script to life and emphasize the correct words. Laura knows the differences between a true political read and a commercial voice over, so when you cast Laura she can get down to business.

In this pivotal time in American History, Laura is determined to work on blue scripts only. Not only is Laura a seasoned voice actor trained as a professional in the field, Laura also has a unique academic background that makes her the ideal choice for these spots. Growing up, Laura had a passion for American History. At Columbia University, she majored in Political Science and graduated with departmental distinction, and won the senior prize for the best senior essay (senior thesis) in her field, which related to microcredit loans for women in Bangladesh. Laura also has a Masters of Arts in History from Columbia.

Why does this matter? Laura understands the issues. All of them. This is her passion. She is not only be able to develop the script as a professional in the field, Laura will also understand the script in the context of the current political situation and in the context of the big picture. Hire a girl who gets the issues to speak for your issues.

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