For Laura, Please Press 1! The Joys of Casting Telephony Jobs

So you have a phone message system and instead of having your assistant record your greeting you have decided to use a professional voiceover talent for your greeting, on hold messages, and the rest of your phone tree system. Fantastic! This can be so much fun. Fun? That’s right, that’s what I said, and this is from a gal who does a lot of commercial and radio imaging work. Some of the most clever and snarky scripts I have voiced have been for phone systems, so put on your thinking caps because it is time to get creative!

When hiring a professional voiceover talent for your next telephony job, there is a lot to think about! You want the voice that you select to work in concert with everything else that you identify with your brand. If your brand is warm and welcoming, do not choose a voice that is aloof and mechanical. Instead, select a voice that through its vocal attributes matches the characteristics of your brand. If you want someone to sound welcoming and gracious, they should have representative spots on their telephony or IVR demo. If you are looking for someone to have a corporate and professional sound, they should have samples of that as well.

Casting a multi-faceted talent for your phone stem

There are many advantage to choosing a professional voiceover talent who displays a broad range of skills on her or his demo. For example, if that talent can sound like a conversational millennial, you will be casting a very broad net for potential callers. That talent might be a very safe choice.

If that same talent can also have a more serious, corporate tone to appeal to Baby Boomers and or sophisticated and luxury brands, then you are casting an even broader net with your one voice. It is quite common that all you have to do is request what you are looking for, and your voiceover talent will be able to accommodate multiple styles for you.

Another opportunity for brand awareness

A lot of clients that I have worked with use both their greetings and their on hold messages as a valuable opportunity to promote their brand. For example, I do a lot of on hold messages for Whole Foods markets, particularly the ones in California and Arizona. They use these messages as an opportunity to talk about specials coming up that are related to seasonal changes and approaching holidays.  Another company that I do telephony for is called Coastal Business Supply. They use their messages to let folks know about trade shows they will be at and about promotions they are running. They are also using their messages to raise awareness about the quality of their products. INSERT CONCLUSION ABOUT THIS

I think all of the companies that I do telephony for have one common characteristic: their scripts are extremely well written and entertaining. Just like in other forms of advertising, this allows the spot to get the attention of your listener, in this case a client, customer, patient, or colleague, right off the bat. In our new culture of 6 second ads, the fist few seconds of communication are even more vital than ever before and as the voiceover for a Telephony spot, we need to use this opportunity to draw in the person on the other end of the phone.

So, when considering talents for your next telephony spot, you really want to hire a professional voiceover talent who will imprint the message of your brand effectively. The voiceover for a telephony job is as much a part of the advertising team as the commercial voice or the narrator on your website. It all needs to be cohesive and flow together as one unit. Even better when the telephony voice is so excellent that you are giving your caller an audio experience that they enjoy, and not just have to persevere through.

The next time you case a voice for your phone system, think about a person you would most like to hear on the other end of the phone and cast that voice. If you imagine an actual person and not just a set of adjectives that describe a voice, you are far more likely to connect that person with your brand, and then the character that you are really seeking will come into place.

What is the goal of telephony voiceover casting?

When you cast a voice for your phone system, the point is not simply to get people who want to reach you on the phone. If it were you would not spend so much time thinking about branding and the qualities that you want. The actual goal of telephony is to get the people who call to want to work with you. You want them to enjoy the call so much that they are delighted and not pulling their hair out when they come on the line. So please, when casting your next voiceover talent for a phone job, think about what kind of greeting in person makes you feel most welcome and then try to emulate all of that within your phone system.