Are there Voiceover Emergencies? Why Yes, We Call it a RUSH job…

So every single voiceover job is important, both to the person casting it and to the talent booking it, but a RUSH voiceover job typically implies that the producer or creative directer needs it back right away, some times with in a three to four hour window, sometimes in one hour. Can I do this? Absolutely! Is it safe to assume all voice talents do this? No, some voiceover actors cannot do this, so it is really important to check when booking your talent.

Sometimes it’s a rush on a Telephony job and the client or a commercial or an E-learning module that needs to be in right away. Does this mean that anything should be sacrificed in terms of delivery or production? No! You should expect the same service on a rush job that you would get if you had a 24 hour turn around. You should be absolutely thrilled with the final delivery, because typically talents only offer rush services if they can actually meet your needs.

Can you still ask for a guided session or a phone patch if you are asking for Rush service? Of course! The voiceover talent either has the time for the job or they don’t, bur if they can accommodate your hasty schedule, then doing a guided session should not be a challenge, it’s just part of the job if that is what you asked for.

Basically, the timeline of the job should not effect the delivery. When I work with my clients I want them to be overjoyed with the final project so that they are thrilled and can’t wait to work with me again. Rush or standard delivery, pristine quality is guaranteed with a smile.

Sometimes the difference of being able to accommodate rushed work or not is what sets one talent apart from another.