Say What?

Some things just role off the tongue. Some scripts, or pieces or copy, are music to your mouth. You open the file on your computer and you smile because you know that it will be a joy to work with such a script, either because it is so clever, or because it is so beautifully written, or sometimes because it is just so fun.  Other times you think, ok, no problem. Then sometimes you remind yourself that this E-learning content is important and you have to bring the meaning to life regardless of how it is written.

So, what happens when there is some very tricky vocabulary in the copy (that’s voiceover jargon for script.)  Sometimes we get lucky and there is a pronunciation guide.  Sometimes we are even luckier and someone has thought to attach a recording, especially if there is a regional dialect that effects how the word is pronounced. Other times we are left to figure it out. We can use the dictionary or the internet. Youtube videos can be amazingly helpful.

Occasionally I have submitted a project and been confident that my pronunciation was spot on only to be asked for a pickup for that word. The answer is, the client is always right! However they want you to say the word is how it will be in their project. At the end of the day, it is most important that the client is happy.  I have never had a scenario where more than one pickup was needed on a specific pronunciation, so it always gets taken care of.

I guess the point is, no one has seen every vocabulary word or name or place, so we are bound to run in to something in our career and need to know how to say it. As long as the voice talent is pleasant and accommodating, it should always end with a job well-done!