What can I serve you today?

In one of my “Wonderful Wednesday” (as I like to call them) Women’s group meetings, my friend Shelley told us about a friend of hers who wakes up every day to several voiceover jobs in his inbox. He had created what to me, a foodie at heart, could only be described as a “menu” of voiceover services. The only word that came to mind was BRILLIANT! Clients can choose what they need, meeting industry standards of usage, add it to their shopping cart, and the work comes in! Sounds perfect, right? The only problem with this menu, is that my clients have not started asking for service this way yet! So, if you still have not discovered my “SERVICES” Page, come in on, We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I’m happy to work with you and as a full-time professional voiceover actor, I am super enthusiastic about this purchasing option for you! It can be found right here:


What were the goals of this voiceover purchasing system?

  • First and foremost, my goal is to be extremely helpful to my clients! I always want to get them what they need as quickly as they need it.
  • Transparency is very important to me. I am always consistent in what I charge folks. When asked what I base my rates on, I always send a link to the GVAA rates card.

GVAA Rate Guide

  • I always want my website to be user-friendly. Besides trying to offer up to date samples to help showcase my work and ability, sometimes clients need inspiration and ideas and the samples and demos are their for that as well.
  • This menu was create to make voiceover shopping or purchasing as easy as one, two, three. As per the above video, you simply go to your category, select the item, add it to your cart, and voila. Within hours you will have your finished audio!
  • We never seem to have enough time in the day, right? My hope is that this purchasing option saves you time as well!

Can I accommodate RUSH jobs with this?

ABSOLUTELY, YES! The purpose of simplifying the voiceover purchasing process is for my clients go get the pristine audio that they need as soon as possible. I typically can accommodate RUSH jobs, you just need to let me know when you book that it is a RUSH job. A RUSH job is typically a job that you need back within 4 hours. Otherwise you can expect a 24 hour turn-around on your project. I understand that sometimes you have clients on the other side who need something right away, and consequently you need something from a professional voiceover actor right away. I am happy to help and the quality of your project is always the same regardless of your deadline.

Laura Schreiber, Working in her broadcast ready studio on a Sunday Morning to get an IVR client what he needs!

Now, how can we make this process go smoothly? I will need you to: 

  • Send me your script/copy
  • Answer questions I might have for you about production including whether or not you want your files RAW or Compressed, etc
  • include your email and/or phone number
  • Because you have already paid, there is no discussion of invoice!

Are there daily specials or menu changes?

Well, yes and no. Occasionally folks on my newsletter get promotions, so if you help me with referrals I can help you meet your voiceover needs under budget. If you would like to join my newsletter mailing list please email me at

The other “special” you will likely notice is that for sections like Toys or New Media, it says that you need to email me for a quote directly. I typically give a lot of thought to how each job is priced. In these categories in particular, they must be custom negotiated every single time. The usage issues are just too complex.

Lastly, as the GVAA rate guide changes and conversations in WOVO, our professional voice actor’s  organization, progress, I will update my Menu. The purpose of this purchasing process is to make purchasing as easy as possible for my clients while maintaining industry standards. Therefore, regular updates are essential to this process.

Time to Come in:

So that’s it. I hope that I can help meet your voiceover needs today. I try my hardest to listen to what you are looking for and make every single project perfect. I get really excited for every single booking, whether it is an IVR job or a commercial, I am overjoyed to work with you. I deliver every job with a smile and am always accessible via phone, email, and text. I also offer multiple options for guided sessions including ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect, and Skype. I hope that you LOVE what’s on the menu and I’m even happier when folks come back for seconds. Bon Appetite!